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About Me

Lover of beaches, waterfalls, and sunsets (hence why I moved from Massachusetts to Maui).  I've been living on Maui for seven years now with my fiancé Christian.  I'm obsessed with reading books on personal development, nutrition, and spirituality, but my guilty pleasure is binge watching reality TV. 

My passion for nutrition and overall health started when I got out of rehab for drugs and alcohol.  I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself, so I cut out anything "bad" from my diet and lifestyle.  I was vegan for a year, but not in the healthy, plant based way.  I wasn't used to cooking for myself, so I started from the very beginning and slowly started learning from there.  Eventually I asked myself "why not make a career out of this?".  Now, here I am with so much more knowledge and expertise from joining Bauman College and becoming a Nutrition Consultant.  I believe we are our own healers and we just haven't been taught how to heal properly through food and lifestyle changes.  My goal is to educate others on how to heal themselves from the inside, out.


My Background 


Bauman College 2021 - 2022

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Honors 4.0 GPA

San Francisco State 2013 - 2015


3.8 GPA



Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator 04/2022 - 10/2022

Pause Breathwork

Nutrition Consultant 07/2021 - 10/2022

Bauman College


I specialize in whole foods nutrition and have a special interest in gut and digestive health.  However, I work with others  according to their specific health concerns and goals.  I also utilize breathwork to help with stress reduction and healing.  I want to help transform lives with changes that will be long lasting.  I believe the unique blend of nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, and regular breathwork can help clients achieve sustainable change and transformation. 

Who I Help

I desire to help anyone who is ready and willing to make serious changes in the way they are currently living.  I want to work with people who are excited and open-minded to implement new changes and habits.  

How I Do It

I help transform your life by guiding you on a path to better health.  I will educate you on nutrition and lifestyle tips that will change your life for the better.  I will be your accountability coach with the answers to any of your questions.  We will meet and practice breathwork together to help regulate your nervous system and bring clarity and peace into your life as well.

What's in It for You

Through the education and guidance you receive, you will learn how to simplify healthy living to adapt to your daily life and routine.  After working with me, you will have a renewed sense of health, mindset, and purpose.  My hope is that you feel more alive, refreshed, and energized to continue this new path of health and well-being.

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